4 Best Ways to Fix a Wet Basement and Keep it Dry

The two most crucial things that you can do to safeguard the health of your family and the value of your home are to get water out of your basement and fix the underlying issues as well. The first thing is a wet basement brings great risk to your home’s value and secondly, it makes you feel and smell nasty. If the problem is not fixed at the right time, it can ruin walls and floors, encourage mold, and even destruct roofing. However, there are some ways to solve the problem of your wet basement which you can see below.

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Add Gutter Extensions

If the water is dumping from a downpipe less than 5 feet away from your house, you can lead the water farther out by adding metal or plastic gutter extensions. These setups can be done by the leading Mississauga basement renovation companies at affordable prices if you want. However, extensions are not the most efficient long-term solution especially if you are running or tripping over them with a lawnmower.

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Fill Gaps

If the water is leaking into the basement through gaps or cracks around plumbing pipes, you can fill the gaps yourself with polyurethane caulk or hydraulic cement at below $20. The trick of plugging gaps is ideal for the problem of a hole that water leaks through either from wet soil or from surface runoff.

Restore the Crown

If the water is dribbling into your basement even after the gutters are extended and plugged leaking holes, it means the surface water is not draining away from the house as it should. At that time, your house should be placed on a soil crown that slopes at least 6 inches above the first 10 feet in all directions. For doing this, you can take the help of best Mississauga basement renovation service providers.

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Repair Footing Drains

If you address water is dribbling into your basement low at the seams or on the walls where floor and walls meet, the issue is hydrostatic pressure is shoving water up from the ground. First of all, you have to check if your house has footing drains and if they are clogged, you need to open the cleanout and flush the drains with a garden hose. If that trick will not work out, you can consider the assistance of Mississauga basement renovation companies.