4 Amazing Hacks to Amplify Your Small Kitchen with Black Cabinets

People including the interior designers think that black cabinets are not suitable to embellish a kitchen, especially when it’s small. The underlying reason behind this opinion is because black tends to shrink a space. Precisely, using black custom kitchen cabinets in a small kitchenette will make the space look smaller and congested.

This can be true to some extent if not entirely. Are you an ardent admirer of black and planning to upgrade your cooking area with dynamic black cabinets? Frown not! There are plenty of ways by which you can accentuate the area with the dark cabinets effortlessly.

All geared up to know the tricks? Read on:

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  • Tryst with Contrast

God’s greatest display of gift lies in the series of colors and their contrasts. You can thus create a game of contrast with a black kitchen island. This can be a functional yet a fun addition giving your kitchen a prominence amidst the bold of black beauty. It is scientifically proven that kitchen islands of lighter hues often make the kitchen area look clumsy and small.

However, if you opt for a black island, the paraphernalia usually fades into the surrounding. Thus, with an apparent sight, the kitchen will look bigger than the usual. You can contact a professional kitchen designer to help you with the custom kitchen cabinets fitting your preference and choice.

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  • Bolster with Glass

Apart from giving an uber-cool look, using glass is one of the smartest ways to make your kitchen area prominent. You can insert glass panels in between the cabinets. This creates a vivid visual representation of extra space seamlessly. Various types of glass are available like clear, fostered and etched to name a few. The latter two mask the content inside the custom kitchen cabinets. However, if you want something more transparent, go for clear glass.

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  • Let There be Lighter Transitions

There is a popular creed that brighter and lighter features can make a kitchen look a bit larger than the original size. However, when you are making use of black cabinets, the tenet doesn’t really work. To complement the distinct shade of black, you must shift to lighter hues for doing the countertops. For example, you can paint the wall and also the sink with white. Go with glass tiles for adding light undertone throughout the area. Not to say, the inherent shimmer and luster will add a perfect finishing touch to any kitchen.

  • Opt for Open Shelving

This is another smart trick you can opt for. This will certainly help to make the kitchen look much bigger and spacious. Go for open shelving as it breaks up the dullness of a small cooking area and adds interests to the place. The concept of open shelving has already gained huge popularity among the mass.

Sum up all these hacks and never compromise with your design. Take help of a professional to give your kitchen an appealing appearance in black custom kitchen cabinets.

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Luxury Jewelry Safe!

Anyone who has experienced burglary before or has seen a closed one being robbed of their special heirlooms understands the need for authentic luxury jewelry safe. So, recently, if you inherited a few invaluable family treasures that you can’t bear to part with, it’s vital that you pick a safe that is unbreachable even by the mightiest of burglars.

But, with so many options, out there how do you pick a safe that can’t be drilled, lifted or hacked? Well, for starters you need to find a few reliable companies and ask the following questions.

luxury jewllery safe

Let’s Begin:

Well, assuming you have found few trustworthy safe companies with certified reviews and expert technicians who assure you quality. Here are things to ask, to ensure that you purchase the most reliable luxury jewelry safe.

  1. What is the Kind of Starter Safe to Get for Beginners?

So, say you’re living in an appointment with a basic job, but recently you inherited those invaluable heirlooms. In such cases, as a beginner, you’ll do well to buy a luxury starter safe. These are easily configurable, don’t take up excess closet space and come equipped with exceptional security options that make them hard to breach. For your beginner luxury jewelry safe, you can, therefore, opt for Gem 2418 safes or the mini-gem.

  1. What are the Special Features of Luxury Ornament Safes?

With the number of burglary threats escalating in the States and other locations on the globe, the need for security safes is high. Therefore, the luxury safes of today come equipped with automatic watch winders and are designed to prevent cracking even under extensive attack.

Most common features of luxury jewelry safe include –

  • High-security locks with electronic or biometric options.
  • Recessed lighting revealing drawers.
  • Customized hardwood drawers which are easy to glide, along with personalized interiors.
  • Layered with luxurious micro-suede.

luxury jewellery safe

  1. Wall safes or Floor safes? Which is the Type to Pick for Jewellery?

Wall safes might seem like a convenient option as these can be camouflaged easily, however, when it comes to items like jewelry and ornaments these aren’t a coveted choice. The reason being wall safes are best suited for lightweight products or items like wills, documents, a single brooch etc.

On the other hand, floor safes offer the option of bulk storage and are a good choice for storing jewelry. However, when it comes to the option of prized family heirlooms, the best choice is to buy coveted jewelry safe, as these are easily customizable and are mostly hard to breach, owing to their extensive pry proof metal, and locking bolt technologies.

  1. What type of Fire Rating is Optimal while buying a Jewellery Safe?

While it’s true that in case of extensive fires almost all safes tend to give, out; however certain safes are designed to offer some fire resistance for 30-60 minutes. Hence, while picking your jewelry safe, it’s best to buy one that offers at least resistance up to 1 hour.

So, now that you know of the rightful questions to ask hurry and find yourself the best luxury jewelry safe to store your heirlooms. Now, go out to work in peace, as your safe will surely protect your valuables from potential robbers.